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The Best Birthday Wishes for a Beautiful Lady

We all have special women in our lives, like friends, cousins, sisters, or co-workers. They’re important to us, but it can be hard to tell them how much we appreciate them, especially on their birthdays.

We want to find the perfect words to show them how much they mean to us and to wish them the best for the coming year. But it’s tough to know where to begin when there’s so much to say!

Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered with some sweet, funny, and smart birthday card ideas for those amazing ladies in your life. These messages will make their day as special as they are!

Birthday Wishes For A Beautiful Lady

  • Every year you seem to get more and more beautiful! Here’s to growing old gracefully with you!
  • Don’t just count your years, but make your years count, my incredibly special and beautiful friend! Happy birthday!
  • To a wonderfully weird, fantastically faithful, and positively perfect sister/brother! You are beautiful inside and out. [New age] suits you well! Happy birthday!
  • I love you more than anything in the whole world. Have an amazing day!
  • Happy birthday to the baddest and most beautiful person I know! I hope that your day is as fabulous as you are!
  • Hey gorgeous lady/guy! Happy birthday! Wishing you a year filled with love, laughter, and happiness. You deserve it!
  • Happy birthday, hot stuff! You have certainly spiced up my life. I don’t mean to be jalapeno business, but you are pretty un-bell-ievable!
  • Congrats! You have won yourself a brand new age! _ suits you well, beautiful! Happy birthday, with love.
  • I hope your birthday is as beautiful as you are! Happy birthday, beautiful girl! I wish you nothing but happiness and joy in the year ahead.
  • Your beauty only seems to increase with age. Happy birthday to my life partner!
  • You’re a very special woman, and I will continue trying to show you how much I appreciate everything you do for our family.
  • Happy birthday to the person who becomes more beautiful every day. I wish that you could see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you see how spectacular you are to me.
  • Well, my birthday wish came early. I get to spend another incredible year with you! Happy birthday, beautiful! You make my life complete.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, love of my life!
  • To the most magnificent [your relationship here] – you are a shining example of strength and selflessness. You love unconditionally and you have the most beautiful heart. I love you more than you know. Wishing you a happy birthday!
  • Sending the biggest birthday hugs and kisses to my beloved.
  • To my stunning wife/husband, you bring a brightness to our life that makes even the dullest days shimmer. Here is to another trip around the sun with you. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • Happy Birthday to a stunning girl who radiates beauty both inside and out. May this year bring you all the happiness you deserve.
  • Happy birthday to the person whose beauty knows no bounds! I hope that your day is as delightful as you!
  • Have an awesome birthday! It’s time to celebrate.
  • You manage to level up your looks every year! Happy birthday to the beautiful birthday girl/guy!
  • Happy birthday, beautiful girl! I love you!
  • Happy birthday to the world’s most beautiful woman.
  • Hey there, beautiful! You are an inspiration to us all! I can’t wait to see what remarkable things you will do in this next year. Happy birthday!
  • Just wanted to send you a quick Happy Birthday message, along with a reminder of how beautiful you are.
  • Happy birthday to a beautiful lady!
  • Happy birthday, beautiful! Sending love, hugs, and well wishes to a downright dazzling dame!
  • You’re such a joy to be around, [Name]. Your kindness, beauty, and positivity always shine through. Here’s to you on your birthday!
  • Best birthday wishes, [Name]! You deserve the best.
  • The only thing that shines brighter than your beauty is your heart. Happy birthday, you special girl! Sending you all my love.
  • To my queen/king – you always have me empressed! You are marvelously majestic and notably noble. I hope that you have an absolute ball on your birthday!
  • I cherish every memory I have with you and can’t wait to make some more! Happy happy birthday to you, my beautiful friend! I wish you love, happiness and success in the coming year.
  • To my sexy siren – you lured me in and captured my heart. You are just as irresistible as the day we met. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • She is beauty and she is grace. She is favored by the fates. She is elegance and taste. She is the one we celebrate! Happy birthday to the true Miss Congeniality! You are beautiful inside and out!
  • To the most giving person in town, you may not realize it, but you are pretty awesome! Happy birthday to the bubbly, beautiful, brainy, and blissful you!
  • Happy birthday, lovely lady/guy! Wishing you sweet surprises and endless joys on your big day!
  • You don’t get older, you get better! Happy birthday to you, my most special, most beautiful friend!
  • Every day I appreciate your inner and outer beauty even more. Happy birthday, my beloved.
  • It’s a big day. Woo hoo! Happy birthday!
  • Here’s to another year of living life with grace and beauty. Happy Birthday to an amazing girl who never fails to inspire me.
  • To the person who sparkles wherever they go, I hope that your special day is as striking as your beauty and as smart as wit. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • On your special day, I just wanted to remind you how incredibly beautiful you are, both in your appearance and your heart. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re incredible in every way, [Name]. Happy, happy birthday!
  • Confident, passionate, and generous! You are the epitome of elegance. Happy birthday, beautiful lady!
  • Wishing the loveliest girl I know the happiest of birthdays. May your day be filled with all the things that bring a smile to your face.
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to a very lovely lady.
  • As you celebrate another year of life, know that your beauty and charm have only grown more captivating with time. Happy Birthday to a truly stunning girl.
  • Hope you have an incredible day, [Name].
  • Folks say you become more and more like the people you surround yourself with, so I must be freaking gorgeous! Happy birthday to the most beautiful best friend around!
  • Wishing you the best birthday ever, my darling. You deserve it!
  • Happy birthday to a person who is beautiful in every way! Sending you lots of love on your big day!
  • Happy birthday, gorgeous! No idea how I got so lucky to be celebrating you each year! I love you!
  • Let us never know what old age is. Instead, let us know the happiness that the years bring. Thank you for bringing me so much joy, laughter and happiness over the past few years, my beautiful friend. Happy birthday!
  • There’s nobody in the world as beautiful as you. You embody everything it means to be beautiful, inside and out.
  • I hope your day is as brilliantly beautiful as you are.
  • I can’t believe I met someone as wonderful as you. Happy birthday to the best person in the whole universe.
  • Big birthday wishes to the most beautiful person I know!
  • Happy birthday, gorgeous! You have the heart of an angel and you deserve only the best on your big day. I hope it is wonderful!
  • Ready for another trip around the sun, pretty lady? There is simply no one as radiant as you!
  • You’re as beautiful now as the day I met you, even more so. Happy bday, love!
  • They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and do I want to be holding you! Happy birthday to the most beautiful person around!
  • Have an awesome day, [Name]! Happy bday!
  • It might have been your gorgeous looks that caught my eye, but it’s your beautiful mind and spirit that made me fall in love with you.
  • You deserve all the love and happiness in the world, beautiful girl! Happy birthday!
  • If you only knew how beautiful you are… you’d probably be insufferable. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • Wishing the happiest of birthdays to a truly gorgeous girl. You light up every room you enter with your smile and grace.
  • Happiest of days to you, birthday girl!
  • Happy Birthday, pretty lady! You are truly aged to perfection.
  • To a girl who’s as beautiful as she is kind, Happy Birthday! May this year be filled with love, laughter, and endless blessings.
  • You are a person of sophisticated grace, exceptional intelligence, and untouched beauty. I hope that your birthday is as stunning as you!
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. May your day be filled with love, laughter, and joy.
  • To the most angelic, most beautiful girl in the world: I hope your birthday is wonderful. Have the most special day!
  • Every year on your birthday is a new chance to start. Happy, happy birthday to you, my beautiful friend! May this year be the best start ever.

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