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40+ Funny Replies To “Belated Happy Birthday Wishes”

“Yep, I’ve got that one friend who’s always fashionably late – not just to meet up but even with birthday wishes! While most people get a ‘Thank you’ copy-paste, this friend gets the special treatment. A sarcastic or funny reply is a must, just to keep the tradition alive. Thanks for the belated wishes, fashionably late as always! 🕰️😄”

What To Reply When Someone Wishes You Belated Happy Birthday

  • Those who wish late are the ones who are honest.
  • We’ll still remain friends even if you didn’t wish me.
  • Belated thank you so much, Friend.
  • My birthday lasted a whole month this year, and your wishes just made it even better! Thanks for the belated hilarity!
  • But, when your best friend misses this important day, you want the best responses that are both sarcastic and humorous for such late wishes on your birthday.
  • Bro, is there anything you can do on time?
  • “Thanks just because of you, I’m celebrating my birthday this day, too.
  • You’re right, actually, today is my birthday.
  • Fashionably late just like me! Thanks for the belated birthday wishes and the good vibes!
  • Sorry, I almost forgot to invite you to the party.
  • Who said punctuality is overrated? Thanks for the belated wishes and the laugh – you nailed it!
  • Now I’m happy, as my best friends have wished me.
  • Better late with humor than never! Your belated wishes cracked me up – thanks a bunch!
  • And, where’s my birthday present?
  • Are you kidding me? You’re not only late but also wishing the wrong person.
  • Same as usual, thanks, buddy!
  • Thank you for reminding me that yesterday was my birthday. I also forgot it.
  • You break my heart. I didn’t expect this from you.
  • My birthday isn’t today, Save it for next year.
  • Fashionably late wishes are the best kind! Thanks for the chuckle and the birthday love!
  • Better late and funny than never! Thanks for the laughs and the belated wishes!
  • Finally you realized it’s my birthday.
  • Thank you so much, I’ve been waiting for your message.
  • Lol, even your birthday wishes come late. Thanks, Btw.
  • What were you doing? Why weren’t you here?
  • I thought you were ignoring me. Fine, now.
  • Thanks for letting me celebrate my birthday on another day, too.
  • Thank you, but we’re not friends anymore.
  • Bro, you’re actually a bit early for my next birthday.
  • No problem, friend, I know where you are.
  • No worries, the party never stops! Thanks for the belated wishes and the extra dose of humor!
  • Let me know when’s your birthday?
  • I will do the same, then you will realize how it feels.
  • These witty responses are just to make your friend remember so they don’t do it again next year.
  • Glad you finally have time to share your wishes.
  • Of course, you’re not going to break a friendship just because of late birthday wishes. 
  • Be frank, who told you that yesterday was my birthday?
  • It’s not my birthday, it’s her birthday now.

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