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Wish Your Boss A Happy Birthday With Latest Happy Birthday Wishes Pictures

“BOSS” this four letter word is more scary than a horror film. He is the person who gives you orders and is responsible for everything you do and how you behave! You have to be nice with him whenever you see or talk to him otherwise you’ll have to suffferrrr…! Almost every boss is pain in the a$$ but there are also a few ladies and gentlemen who always try to be friendly and behave damn properly with you. They’re called “Leaders”.

Well, whatever… Boss is Boss and he is the pain.. You might always be making a wish that your boss may fall sick or …. whatever bad you think about him. But on his birthday, you’ve to send him all the blessings & wishes. Here we bring you latest Happy Birthday Wishes Pictures for your Boss that might help you impress him! 😀 (I bet he/she still won’t). 😛

Happy Birthday Wishes Pictures for Boss

No Matter what you send, he won’t promote you lol!















I Lied 😛


Happy Birthday Sexy Lady <3



Don’t forget to mention “I Lied”.





Send this meme to your boss only at your own risk!




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