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Happy Birthday Allu Arjun :: Interesting Facts about Allu Arjun

Today (April 8), Allu Arjun is celebrating his 34th birthday. He is one of the stars who don’t need an introduction. Bunny was born to Allu Aravind & Allu Nirmala on April 8, 1983 in Chennai. Later they relocated to Hyderabad, Allu Arjun considers Chennai as his motherland and Hyderabad as his fatherland. He is also known as Bunny and Mallu Arjun. Bunny has a huge fan base and is favorite actor of many fans (including me). He is known for his incredible dance skills and stylish performances. He also won many awards including Filmfare, Nandi, Cinemaa awards.

Here are some interesting facts that will make you love Allu Arjun more!

He celebrates his birthday with mentally challenged kids

Allu Arjun celebrates his Birthday with mentally challenged kids and also donates blood on every birthday. He also requests everyone to donate blood on this day.

Huge Malayalam fan following

Bunny has a huge Malayali fan base. That’s why he is also called Mallu Arjun, each of his films gets
dubbed in Malayalam.

Indra is his favorite movie

Most of us know that he is a huge fan of his uncle Chiranjeevi. He loves him even more than his father. Allu Arjun has watched Chiranjeevi starer Indra for 15 times and won’t mind watching it again and again.

His debut as child actor

Chiranjeevi starer Daddy was not the film where he appeared for the first time! Yeah! Actually, his first guest role as a child actor was in Vijetha, He is seen in a scene with Chiranjeevi. He was just a kid when he was cast in this uncredited role.
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Allu Arjun Best debut actor

He made his film debut with “Gangotri” as male lead. The film broke many records. He also won critical acclaim and awards for his performance in ‘Gangotri’

He started Gymnastics in childhood

When asked about his fantastic dance moves, Bunny revealed that he started practising gymnastics since his childhood. Hence, his body cooperates for the fluidic dance steps that we often see on the silver screen.
allu arjun facts

Social Activist

He is a social activist and just to spread awareness and social responsibility he acted in a short film titled “I am that change” .

Considered Animation as Profession

Allu Arjun learnt animation course as a backup option. He revealed that if the acting profession doesn’t work out well he could have become an animator.

Photographer and Artist

He feels that photography makes him express his feelings. He is a good photographer and also an artist He does sketch whenever he finds the time to do so. He loves paintings of human anatomny & architecture drawings. Posted below is not his handiwork.

Learn to play Keyboard to Impress Girls

His elder brother Allu Bobby revealed that bunny is a good keyboard player and he learnt to play keyboard to impress girls!!
Hope you liked these interesting facts about Allu Arjun. Do share it with your friends over the social networks and also let us know if you like this article in the comment section below.
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