Most Romantic Birthday Wishes Messages for Your Wife


Wife, when we hear this word mind recalls love, care, happiness and of course good food. After a mother, she’s the most amazing cook in this world. So, your wife is having a birthday? Why don’t impress her with these beautiful birthday wishes and also plan a dinner date, surprise gift for her!

Checkout these impressive lines to send to your birthday babe! You can also write them in a greeting and give it to her she would adore it for sure.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

  • They say you shouldn’t count the years but count the memories. Hoping today is the best one yet. Happy birthday to you!
  • You are one in a million. Happy Birthday to the best person I know.
  • What?! This cake is too small for such an amazing person! Happy birthday.
  • You are so special I wish your birthday was a real holiday. Then I could spend the whole day with you. Happy birthday.
  • If the stars stopped shining and the sun took a vacation, you would be the perfect replacement because you shine so bright. Happy birthday!
  • If you ever get a flat tire, I will be there if you need help. After all, you’re the best person I know. Happy birthday.
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  • Wishing you all the best of love and cheer that only you deserve throughout the year. Happy Birthday!
  • Looks like your birthday candles are already light- you are going to set the world on fire with your dreams. Happy birthday to someone special.
  • It’s not the wrinkles that count, but the moments you’ve cherished. It’s not the ups and downs or years you’ve been through; it’s the person you’ve become. The world is lucky to have you. Happy birthday!
  • Over the years some people get richer or wiser, and some just get older. But you have grown richer in love and wiser in life. Cheers to you! Happy birthday.
  • A candle a day makes for a big cake. But no one deserves it more than you. Happy birthday.
  • If I owned a concert hall, I would give you VIP backstage tickets. But you would be the star. Happy birthday.
  • If I have a kid one day I will name it after you. After all, you’re pretty much perfect. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday.
  • I think the dictionary misspelled AWESOME. It’s supposed to say YOU. Happy birthday to someone who gives meaning to this word.
  • I thought about taking a bite out of you since you’re so sweet. But I guess a piece of cake will do. Happy birthday.
  • May your life be filled with happiness, your years with laughter and this day with the warmth of love. Happy birthday.
  • Good luck on this special day. You are someone to celebrate. Happy birthday, superstar!
  • Last year on my birthday I wished for a new best friend- and you made my wish come true. Happy birthday. I hope all of yours come true, too.
  • Life is an adventure and you make my life an adventure worth discovering. Happy birthday, you’re amazing.
  • Like cats and dogs we sometimes do fight, but since it’s your birthday I have to say you’re always right. Well, most of the time. Happy birthday.
  • Thanks for never giving up, for pushing forward and staying true to yourself- the world needs someone special like you. Happy birthday.
  • If I was stranded in the ocean like in Castaway, you would be my Wilson. Happy birthday- you’re my lifesaver.
  • If I was directing P.S. I Love You, I would forget the P.S. and say “Happy Birthday!” P.S.-I love you too, though.
  • Charming, funny, adorable- just a few words I came up with to describe you. Happy birthday.
  • I was going to bake you a cake, but then I remembered that you’re the one who can cook. Really, is there anything you don’t do? Happy birthday, you awesome human.
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