Over 45M Birthday Wishes Are Sent Everyday on Facebook, FB launches Fundraising


World’s population has reached 7.5 billion in April 2017 and there are millions of birthdays being celebrated everyday. Facebook has recorded that over 45 millions of birthday wishes are being sent to using FB. Isn’t that a huge amount? There are people who celebrate their birthdays by throwing parties and some love to celebrate their birthday by helping poor.

And… To help these kind of people, Facebook has launched fundraising feature, which allows a birthday buddy to collect funds for charity. A week before their birthday, people will see an option of fundraising on their timeline and by choosing it they can ask others to donate fund for some cause. This way your well wishers can wish you with a donation.

Facebook is connected with many non-profit organisations and one (who is a birthday boy/girl) can select any of these organisations and ask people to donate them. Isn’t that something really great? You wish someone on their birthday and both of you help others too..

Hope you loved this information and will try to raise funds on your or someone you loves’ birthday. For latest happy birthday wishes pictures, birthday status just stay tuned to us and bookmark birthday.in.net.


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