Something.. From My Heart…

Ummm… I’m not that big to introduce myself! I’m not that successful, not that good at anything but yeah.. I’ve done many experiments! Tried a few things like blogging, graphics designing, web development.Today, on 20th of January 2017, I’m so happy to launch my new blog/website which is going to offer latest stuff related to birthdays. You will find lots of amazing things here! Birthday is a very special day in everyone’s life. It’s a day to celebrate and to enjoy with open heart.

I was planning to establish this blog from a long time but due to some reasons, I was unable to do it. But, today I’m here with it!

January 20 is really special for me because it’s my Brother-in-law’s Birthday today! Yeah! Happy Birthday Mr. Sandeep K. I’m so glad to have you in my life, I know you don’t have any idea about me and we haven’t yet met! But dude, I like you and I love your sister so much. We’ll met soon and hope you’ll like me too.

I dedicate this special site to my brother-in-law. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and may you live long. May lord Ganesha bless you with health and wealth.

Let me not bore everyone! Well.. special thanks for reading this one post.. 🙂

Apart from this… I’m damn excited to launch this blog and this is just 1st post! Many more are coming soon.



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